Here Are Five Of The Best Tours In Napa Valley For Wine Enthusiasts

There are some great tours in Napa Valley if you are a lover of wine. Any wine connoisseur knows that Napa Valley is the spot. Naturally, there are other great spots around the country as well. Still Napa Valley is a great location for prestigious wineries, and there are plenty of them. In fact, there are enough to where people can make lists concerning the best Napa Valley tours. The following are the 5 best tours Napa Valley has to offer wine enthusiasts.

Twenty Rows

When I say prestigious, it doesn’t necessarily mean that each winery is upscale and will perhaps even make you feel uncomfortable if you are up for a more casual experience. It should be noted though that each winery is different. One of the top wineries in Napa Valley that you could pick for your touring experiences is called Twenty Rows. It is located on Vallejo Street, and it is said to be one of the examples of a more casual winery.

What is exactly meant by casual anyway? It just means that the atmosphere is more relaxed, and that can come down to a number of different things. If you are looking for a nice fun place to stop by, then you have found your winery. Of course, you are going to want to visit more than one winery if you are making your way through Napa Valley. Do you live close by?

Stony Hill Vineyard

Let’s look at another top winery, Stony Hill Vineyard. This is a really cool spot, but you are going to need to like white wine.

Even if you are a connoisseur of mostly red wine like I am, you could visit this top winery to experience something a little different. I would be willing to go for sure, but I wouldn’t expect it to be my favorite. Yet you have to remember that it is more than just about the wine.

Mumm Napa

Mumm Napa is the next highlighted spot for the best tours in Napa Valley CA, and it is located on Silverado Trail. The Oak Terrace Tasting is supposed to be one of the best experiences. Yes, you are going to want to look into more of what to expect with each one of these places. That shouldn’t be a problem because you are excited. Now you know yet another great winery to visit in Napa Valley, and there are still two more to make the cut for this list of five.

V .Sattui

There are certainly plenty more that could be on this list as mentioned. So this next pick is extra special, and that is actually going to be obvious right away. What winery do you go to that pairs the wine tasting with its special barbecue? You get to eat some delicious barbecue at this place, and now it is time to tell you the name of the winery and where it is located. It is called V. Sattui, and it can be found on White Lane.

Now that is four wineries in Napa Valley that I have covered so far. There is one more on the top five list. If you have been to Napa Valley, then you have certain wineries in mind, and you are probably wondering if any of them make the list. Well you already know the first four, so get ready for this last pick. Crushing grapes at this next joint is part of a serious business for sure.

William Hill East

William Hill East Winery is located on Atlas Peak Road, and it provides guests with one spectacular tour. Get ready for the views, you know, the views of rolling hills that make you think of Napa Valley in the first place. You can have a picnic there, too, but you do have to bring your own food. Additionally, this is another winery that provides a more casual atmosphere.

Do any of these five places seem like the best first choice to you? Knowing that these could be anyone’s top five Napa Valley wineries makes me think I would have a great time at all of them. I might want to visit one of the ones that serve red wine the most though because that is certainly my favorite. Do you have a favorite wine, perhaps one from Napa Valley?

The Best Way To Get From San Francisco To Napa Valley

Will you be traveling from San Francisco up into the Napa Valley? There are a couple of ways that you can go. It’s actually not that far, a ride that will either take part of a morning or afternoon. You will transition quickly from the Coastal area into the beautiful rolling hills in this area of California. If you have not been there before, it is a wonderful place to go, especially if you are into wine tasting. Let’s go over some of the different ways that you can get from the Bay Area into the Napa Valley, helping you to save time and gas money.

San Francisco To Napa Valley Route One

The first row that you should take is leaving San Francisco, heading out over the Golden Gate Bridge. This is a beautiful place to start, one that will take you up through San Rafael, going through Novato, right before US 101 changes into US 37. You will had through Black Point Green Point with San Pablo Bay on your right. The highway will transition into US 101 North, then 12, US 101 North again as you enter into the Napa Valley.

San Francisco To Napa Valley Route Two And Three

The second route is going to take you a completely different direction. You’re going to leave the Mission district and head out on Interstate 80, traveling over the Bay Bridge. Once you get to the other side, you will have two choices to make, both of which are going to take you directly to the Napa Valley. If you had left, you are going to continue up Interstate 80, going through Berkeley, Richmond, Vallejo, until you hit US 101 N. that will take you into Napa County.

The other way is to go right, getting on the 24 which changes into the 680 heading north. This will also connect with US 101 N. on your way to Napa.

When choosing from these different routes, they are only about 10 to 15 minutes different in regard to time. The shortest route by mileage, and also the shortest by duration, is to take I 80 out of the Bay Area. People that travel from I 80 to 680 will get to see waterways like Suisun Bay. If you travel north over the Golden Gate Bridge, you get to see San Pablo Bay, Skaggs Island, and all of the beautiful scenery that leads up into the Napa Valley coming from this direction. In regard to saving gas money, they are all about the same. The distance that you will travel, and the time that it takes, are also very similar. It might come down to how fast you want to get there, and if that is the case, taking I-80 to I-680 N to US-101 Is going to be the fastest and cheapest route. And finally, regardless of which direction you go, you are going to have to cross a bridge and there will be tolls to pay. These are the best ways to get to the Napa Valley from the Bay Area.

Where Is the Napa Valley

Napa Valley is a country located north of San Pablo in the northern portion of the US State of Carlifonia. Napa valley has many small communities, each with its own unique characteristics. It is well known as the center of wine production. It was Carlifonia’s first Ameriacan Viti Culture Area (AVA) established in 1881.

With plenty of daytime sunshine and cool nights ,it’s the perfect weather for wine. Wine making history in Napa Valley began in 1838, when George Calvert Yount, founder of the town planted the first commercial vine yard.

Napa Valley History

The good fortune of the climate that allows Napa Valley to grow grapes has also drawn many popular chefs to the Valley ( along with the Culinary Institute of America) making it one of the best places to eat. Two popular restaurant in Napa Valley, Thomas Keller’s The French Laundry and the restaurant at Meadwood have both been awarded three Micheline Stars. Surrounded by the Mayacama Mountains makes Napa Valley a good place for hiking, mountain biking and horseback riding.

Napa Valley Travel

It is also a perfect place to get away from the hustle of the city from its combination of the Mediterranean climate. Easy going pace of wine tasting, leisurely meals and many more. The art sector of the Napa valley has also been growing over the years, drawn to the area by beautiful scenery, peace and quiet, making Napa Valley the home of numerous artists.

Craft Bear In The Napa Valley

Napa Valley has been gaining appeal for its artisan breweries over the years. There are a handful of breweries already in operation with plenty more to come.

From the robust production of grapes and wine Napa Valley offers a variety of options to beer lovers as well. Let’s take a look at the breweries in Napa Valley.

Breweries in Napa Valley

1. Napa Smith Brewery– This is Napa County only production brewery with an onsite tasting brewpub. Napa Smith is opened daily from 11am to 8pm, offering flights of tap beers along with limited edition seasonal brews.

2. Mad Fritz– Mad Fritz is a joint venture between Nick Zacherie and Whitney Fisher located in downtown St Heralded. Visits are by appointment or simply enjoy Mad Fritz brews at selected Napa Valley restaurant.

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3.Napa Valley Brewing company– Established in 1987 by Calstoga inn, Napa Valley brewing company is the first establishment to brew beer commercially in Napa County since prohibition. It has 4 awarded winning beers. If you want a taste Napa Valley Brewing Beer is served in Calistoga Inn.

4. Tannery Bend beer Works– Established in 2016,currently making it Napa Valley newest brewery

5.Fieldwork Brewing Company– Offering a unique tasting experience of a rotating selection of craft beers produced at its Berkely, Carlifonia brewery. Fieldwork Brewing Company will open a taproom in Oxbow Public markets main market hall.

5. Stone Brewing Company– Will open a taproom and pilot brewery in the historic Borreo Building.

The 3 Best Wineries In The Napa Valley

If you are interested in taking a trip to the Napa Valley of California, it might be because you enjoy wine. This is an area of the United States that has some of the best sources of wine that is distributed worldwide. Visiting wineries can be fun, allowing you to taste test the many different types that they have available. You will likely find several that are appealing. In order to have your taste buds activated by what could be the best wine you have ever had, here are the top three wineries in the Napa Valley, plus three alternatives, that you should visit this year.

Beaulieu Vineyard

Located in Rutherford, this Napa Valley winery was established at the turn of the last century. It is a beautiful place, one that offers some of the best reserve wines and has a very large portfolio to choose from. They also have a Maestro collection, rarity collection, and several others. With the characteristic BV on the front of their bottles, it is one of the more well-known wine producers that makes Cabernet Sauvignon and many other types of wine.


Considered to be one of the top wineries in the world, it is able to produce an incredible amount of wine, all the while maintaining optimal quality. It also offers a tour, allowing you to sample the wine and take a quick look at the hand dug caves where things were originally produced.

The facility is beautiful, one that originally started with 215 acres, and is one of the oldest remaining wineries in the area. They have a couple vineyards including Bale Lane and Knights Valley. You will definitely enjoy this location as you sample the Sauvignon Blanc and Cabernet Sauvignon.


Finally, you will get to sample some of the best Cabernet Sauvignon at this winery. It is considered to be one of the first cult Cabernet’s starting back in the 70s. You will get to sample some of these beautiful wines which include Zinfandel, Cabernet Sauvignon, all of which are made to perfection.

Three Other Napa Valley Wineries To Consider

Stag’s Leap Wine Cellars is the first place you should go which is in Napa. It has what is called a wicked wine cave. There is also a Round Room which has a pendulum for a clock. It is an estate Vineyard, and has the highest reviews on Google because of the tours that are provided and the quality of the wine that you get to taste. Domaine Carneros should be the next on your list which has hundreds of positive reviews. You can test sparkling wines, all within this French inspired Château. Finally, the Artesa Vineyards & Winery is another one that you should visit, probably more than any of the others. It provide you with panoramic views of the Napa Valley. There are tours and tasting programs, a place that you will not soon forget. It is considered by many to be one of the best vineyards. They have Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, and Cabernet Sauvignon. However, you still should visit all of the other wineries and take advantage of the tours that they give to fully experience all that the Napa Valley has to offer.

This overview of the different Napa Valley wineries should give you a basic idea of which ones to visit. The three Best wineries have been listed, along with three alternative wineries that you may also want to visit if you have enough time while you are on vacation. At the very least, you may find a wine that you absolutely love, more than any of the others you have ever had, because of the quality of the wine in this beautiful area of California.