A Basic Guide To The Cape Winelands Of South Africa

If you are visiting Cape Town, you need to take some time to visit the Cape Winelands. Cape Town residents will often take a trip to the Cape Winelands to relax in the amazing surroundings. If you have limited time in Cape Town, you need to take a day trip to the Cape Winelands, but you ideally would like to spend a few days exploring the region.

Where Are The Cape Winelands?

The Cape Winelands are located around 50 kilometers east of Cape Town. It is possible to easily travel there by car, but you will need to determine which area you are going to visit. There are certain main areas of the Winelands that you need to visit, but some of the less popular areas are just as magnificent.

Explore the beautiful Winelands of Cape Town.

The main areas of the Cape Winelands are Franschhoek, Paarl and Stellenbosch. The Cape Winelands are located in the Western Cape Province which is the primary wine producing area of South Africa. This region produces around 1 million liters of wine each year. The wine industry also plays a large role in the national economy which is only set to increase because of the growing popularity of South African wines around the world.

Basic Information About The Cape Winelands

If you are going to be traveling to the Winelands from Cape Town, it is important to note that the weather is very similar to the city. However, it should be noted that the temperatures can be higher in the city during the summer months compared to the Winelands. This is due to the fact that the city does not benefit from the cooling winds that the Winelands have during the hot summer months.

Stellenbosch Winelands.

The Cape Winelands is also located fairly close to the ocean and are generally within valleys surrounded by impressive mountains. The Cape Fold Mountains starts in Stellenbosch and has created a soil which is perfect for growing wine grapes. The Cape Floral Kingdom also provides the fertile soil that is needed for the world-class vines that grow in the area.

Taking The Road Less Traveled

When visiting the Cape Winelands, most people choose to visit the most popular areas. However, there are many outlying areas that have become more popular, but do not have the same numbers in terms of visitors. Taking the time to explore these smaller areas is worthwhile as you might find a hidden gem.

The Cape Town Wineland tour.

There are a number of Cape Wine Routes that you can use which will help you find the vineyards that are off the beaten track. While taking these routes, you should stop at the farm stalls and the lesser known estates that offer wine as well as cheese and olives. There is no better way to spend a lazy summer afternoon than trying what the Cape Winelands has to offer.

Where You Should Go

The Cape Winelands have something for everyone and you do not have to love wine to go. There are a number of areas that are dedicated to fruit groves which can be visited between the wine estates. When you visit the area, you can drive through the Winelands on your own or you can join a tour which will take you to most of the popular areas.


If you are looking for more than wine, you should take a trip to Ceres.

This lush valley was named after the Roman goddess of fertility and is full of fruit orchards. You can spend the morning fruit tasting or picking cherries then head to one of the many outdoor activities in the afternoon. If you are going to visit the area, you should take the Bainskloof Pass to Paarl which offers a spectacular mountain view and was built more than 100 years ago.

South Coast

If you want to visit the coolest wine area of the South Coast, you should head to Elgin. Elgin is located 70 kilometers from Cape Town and has a reputation for outstanding wines. Some of the vineyards you should look at visiting including Paul Cluver, Newton Johnson and Shannon Vineyards.

Somerset West

An area that is often forgotten by people visiting the Cape Winelands is Somerset West, but this is actually an area that you should not miss. Somerset West is the home of some spectacular scenery as well as famous wine estates. The area is more affordable than other wine destinations if you want to stay In the Cape Winelands. Somerset West also has it all with miles of beaches, mountains and the acclaimed vineyards of Ken Forrester, Yonder Hill and Vergelegen.

Explore Somerset West

If you would like some chocolate with your wine, you should head to Tulbagh which is a charming town located in the mountains. The town was devastated by an earthquake in 1969, but has been restored to its former glory. The town also has a range of excellent wines for you to try as well as chocolate tasting at the Monikki Chocolatier.