The Best Way To Get From San Francisco To Napa Valley

Will you be traveling from San Francisco up into the Napa Valley? There are a couple of ways that you can go. It’s actually not that far, a ride that will either take part of a morning or afternoon. You will transition quickly from the Coastal area into the beautiful rolling hills in this area of California. If you have not been there before, it is a wonderful place to go, especially if you are into wine tasting. Let’s go over some of the different ways that you can get from the Bay Area into the Napa Valley, helping you to save time and gas money.

San Francisco To Napa Valley Route One

The first row that you should take is leaving San Francisco, heading out over the Golden Gate Bridge. This is a beautiful place to start, one that will take you up through San Rafael, going through Novato, right before US 101 changes into US 37. You will had through Black Point Green Point with San Pablo Bay on your right. The highway will transition into US 101 North, then 12, US 101 North again as you enter into the Napa Valley.

San Francisco To Napa Valley Route Two And Three

The second route is going to take you a completely different direction. You’re going to leave the Mission district and head out on Interstate 80, traveling over the Bay Bridge. Once you get to the other side, you will have two choices to make, both of which are going to take you directly to the Napa Valley. If you had left, you are going to continue up Interstate 80, going through Berkeley, Richmond, Vallejo, until you hit US 101 N. that will take you into Napa County.

The other way is to go right, getting on the 24 which changes into the 680 heading north. This will also connect with US 101 N. on your way to Napa.

When choosing from these different routes, they are only about 10 to 15 minutes different in regard to time. The shortest route by mileage, and also the shortest by duration, is to take I 80 out of the Bay Area. People that travel from I 80 to 680 will get to see waterways like Suisun Bay. If you travel north over the Golden Gate Bridge, you get to see San Pablo Bay, Skaggs Island, and all of the beautiful scenery that leads up into the Napa Valley coming from this direction. In regard to saving gas money, they are all about the same. The distance that you will travel, and the time that it takes, are also very similar. It might come down to how fast you want to get there, and if that is the case, taking I-80 to I-680 N to US-101 Is going to be the fastest and cheapest route. And finally, regardless of which direction you go, you are going to have to cross a bridge and there will be tolls to pay. These are the best ways to get to the Napa Valley from the Bay Area.

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