Craft Bear In The Napa Valley

Napa Valley has been gaining appeal for its artisan breweries over the years. There are a handful of breweries already in operation with plenty more to come.

From the robust production of grapes and wine Napa Valley offers a variety of options to beer lovers as well. Let’s take a look at the breweries in Napa Valley.

Breweries in Napa Valley

1. Napa Smith Brewery– This is Napa County only production brewery with an onsite tasting brewpub. Napa Smith is opened daily from 11am to 8pm, offering flights of tap beers along with limited edition seasonal brews.

2. Mad Fritz– Mad Fritz is a joint venture between Nick Zacherie and Whitney Fisher located in downtown St Heralded. Visits are by appointment or simply enjoy Mad Fritz brews at selected Napa Valley restaurant.

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3.Napa Valley Brewing company– Established in 1987 by Calstoga inn, Napa Valley brewing company is the first establishment to brew beer commercially in Napa County since prohibition. It has 4 awarded winning beers. If you want a taste Napa Valley Brewing Beer is served in Calistoga Inn.

4. Tannery Bend beer Works– Established in 2016,currently making it Napa Valley newest brewery

5.Fieldwork Brewing Company– Offering a unique tasting experience of a rotating selection of craft beers produced at its Berkely, Carlifonia brewery. Fieldwork Brewing Company will open a taproom in Oxbow Public markets main market hall.

5. Stone Brewing Company– Will open a taproom and pilot brewery in the historic Borreo Building.

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